The Exhibit

Held in the Community Gallery of the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, "Explore Nepal" will show 23 photographs chosen from hundreds of frames made during a journey to Nepal in April 2012. Documenting life in the Himalayan country's cities, countryside and temples, these film-based images represent a fine-art take on a documentary tradition. All B&W photographs were hand-made by the artist in the AGSM's own darkroom facilities.

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The Auction

Bidders will get a chance to purchase a fine-art photograph from Nepal, by Brandon photographer Colin Corneau through a live auction, conducted by Prairie Lane Auctions, taking place Friday evening, Sept. 7, 2012 at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. There will be a wide variety of sizes, subjects, prices and options for all buyers.

The Proceeds

100% of all proceeds will go to the Early Childhood Development Centre. ECDC is a non-profit organization in Kathmandu, Nepal that works to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children of incarcerated parents in Nepal. Established in 2005, ECDC has served over 100 children in the past 7 years through a residential home and kindergarten program. Children live at ECDC instead of living in prison with their incarcerated parents and are enrolled in schools to provide opportunities for their futures.